i can feel the weather in my bones (causeways) wrote,
i can feel the weather in my bones

Just moved into my new apartment today

And my new neighbors are having loud sex that, initially, sounded a whole lot like a small dog whining. Welcome to the neighborhood, eh?

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At least you're cat-free now?

But DAMN. :(
Ha, I mean, it was more amusing than annoying -- I'm just hoping they don't decide to get it on regularly in the middle of the night.

Deleted comment

so this is beginning with a whimper and going out with a bang?

(I really couldn't help but to bring T.S. into this. I hate hearing other people's sex noises. my sincerest sympathies on that one.)
Hahaha, nice. T.S. Eliot goes well with other people's loud sex!
The person living in the apartment below mine has a phone that vibrates instead of ringing so loudly I can hear it in my room. And I swear every single time I think it's a vibrator.

Maybe it's a German thing?