i can feel the weather in my bones (causeways) wrote,
i can feel the weather in my bones


Hi! It's been a while. I'm reading much more than I'm posting, which I guess doesn't say a whole lot since this is the first time I've posted in over four months. Oops. I'll try to write an actual post soon(ish), but tonight is not that time -- I still haven't quite escaped from a work-ate-me phase. In the meantime, let me just say that I may be a summer kid all the way, but my jaw dropped on the way to work this morning when I saw the snow on these trees against a bit of blue sky.


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oh my gosh, that's a breathtaking photo!
Thanks! It was a breathtaking sight, too.
So beautiful! I thought it was an ink drawing at first!
Thanks! Nature, yo. Pretty impressive stuff.
Wow, beautiful!
Thanks! It was pretty insane in person.
I don't think we've had as much snow we've had this week in the whole 3 years I've been living here. You seem to have brought it from NYC. But seriously, this week was amazing. Just wish the city would clear the sidewalks better. :(
God, right? It makes me CRAZY how bad they are at clearing the sidewalks. Even today, after two days of RAIN, there's still snow all over the place along Höhenstraße.
HAHAHAA, WHAT? Are you POSTING NOW? That is quite the lovely pic, btdubs. I miss Germany.
I did it just to mess with your mind. The trees are pretty cool looking, right?

And COME BACK. As discussed already!
Well SUCCESS. And they are definitely really cool looking.

AND I WILL. As previously discussed!
Wow! How pretty! Also! You still exist! Yay!
I do still exist!! How are you?