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fic master list

I'm not active in fandom anymore. Blanket permission: podfic/translate/etc. at will! Send me a link at katjadee [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll add it to the original entry.

My personal top five: Ever Moving in Our Orbits - The Yellow House - Some Surreal Country - A Foreign Language I Once Knew - Farther Away from Where We Are

Original Fiction

Beyond My Imagination. NC-17. ~20,000 words.

CW RPS: Jared/Jensen

Accidents Happen. PG-13. 3,100 words.

Costarfucking: An Idiot's Guide to What Not to Do. NC-17. 16,000 words. Written for purelyironic for Sweet Charity.

Farther Away from Where We Are. NC-17. 17,842 words. Written for a truly awesome anonymous person for Sweet Charity.

Lingering in the Golden Gleam. NC-17. 21,000 words. Plot shamelessly ripped from The Family Man.

Mildred: A College AU. (Note that you will need to be logged into Archive of Our Own for that link to work.) NC-17. AU (as you probably figured out from the title). 62,131 words. Co-written with walkawayslowly for spn_j2_bigbang.

Mr. Right Next Door. NC-17. AU. 30,195 words. Written for spn_harlequin.

Wasted on the Young. NC-17. 15,000 words. Crack, age regression and a ducky ex machina. Co-written with memphis86.

Workin' Hard for the Money. NC-17. 1,807 words. Hooker fic. Sequel to balefully's Heart of Gold, which you'll want to read first.

Other RPS

Some Surreal Country. JC Chasez/Chace Crawford. NC-17. 3,125 words.

Jagged and Endlessly New. JC Chasez/Chace Crawford, Chace Crawford/Ed Westwick. NC-17. 4,054 words. Sequel to Some Surreal Country.


How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It. McKay/Sheppard. NC-17. 14,427 words.

Imaginary Heroes

Ever Moving in Our Orbits. Tim/Kyle. NC-17. 4,117 words.


The Yellow House. Harry/Draco. NC-17. 29,000 words.

Draw Down the Lines. Draco/Ginny, with some Harry/Ginny and a hint of Harry/Draco. NC-17. 3,875 words.


Kitchen Full of Knives. Will/not!Francie, Sark/Allison. PG-13. 3,747 words.

The Rush of This. Sydney/Noah. PG-13. 783 words. Possibly the most random pairing I've ever written in any fandom! No particular spoilers, beyond the fact that Noah Hicks exists.


All in a Row. NC-17. 1,876 words.

Alligator Alley. PG-13. 1,023 words. Established relationship, futurefic.

Another Long Story in a Down-South Bar. PG. 950 words. This is one version of what could have happened after Continue As You Were.

Continue As You Were. NC-17. 20,001 words. Post-AHBL genderswap. Sequels: Other Ways and Means and Another Long Story in a Down-South Bar.

A Foreign Language I Once Knew. NC-17. 4,605 words. Pre-Stanford, written for spn_remix based on annkiri's Your Eyes Are Open.

If You Say to Me Tomorrow. R. 616 words. Unrequited Sam/Dean. Set in the same 'verse as The Last Fifty Miles and The Rule of Three, but you don't need to have read either of those to read this.

In the Telling. NC-17. 1,391 words. Written for the spn_gleeweek guess the author competition.

Other Lifetimes by the Shore. PG-13. 3,795 words.

Other Ways and Means. NC-17. 1,731 words. This is one version of what could have happened after Continue As You Were.

Parting Shot. NC-17. 4,056 words. Based on a conversation with joosetta about Sam and deal-making: What if Sam went to the crossroads and the crossroads demon appeared as a guy? Post-AHBL.

A Rose by Any Other Name (Would Be Just As Gay). NC-17. 673 words.

Singing Stories for the Dead. PG-13. 1,866 words. Contains spoilers for 2x22 'All Hell Breaks Loose' Part Two.

The Green River County Detention Center Experiment (Being Wrong Is a Bitch). NC-17. 8,097 words. Prison bitch fic. Partial AU for 2x19 'Folsom Prison Blues'.

The Last Fifty Miles. R. 19,700 words. Written for the Evil Sam ficathon for the prompts Evil!Sam has a serious urge to pass on his genes, so seduces any number of women in an attempt to get them pregnant with his evil spawn and Dean has to keep Evil!Sam locked in a cage. Set after 2x20 'What Is and What Should Never Be' but contains one tiny spoiler for 2x21 'All Hell Breaks Loose' Part One. Sequel: The Rule of Three.

The Placement of Water and Lead. NC-17. 10,969 words. Picks up immediately after 2x17 'Heart'.

The Rule of Three. NC-17. 10,950 words. Sequel to The Last Fifty Miles.

The Seven Levels of the Candy Cane Forest. PG-13. 2,750 words. Based on a rip-off of a rip-off of Elf. The amount of crack here is just. I don't even know.

The World Gone Still. NC-17. 4,083 words. Set sometime after 3x08 'A Very Supernatural Christmas' but doesn't really contain spoilers for anything past 2x22 'All Hell Breaks Loose' Part Two. Written for spn_apocasmut. Warnings: toeing of the non-con line, experimentation in style and point of view.

Too Close for Comfort. NC-17. 2,307 words. Birthday fic for joosetta based on her ridiculously cute Weecest sleeping bag picture. Weecest and schmooop.

Treat Her Like a Lady. R. 6,042 words. Dean gets cursed into dating Sam.

What Cannot Be Unlearned. PG. 1,026 words. This could maybe best be described as Sam's love poem to Dean and the world. Written for spn_50states (Virginia) and set after 2x20 'What Is and What Should Never Be'.

het and other slash

A Time for All Things. Sam/oxoniensis. (No, really!) NC-17. 681 words. We all realize that this is a cracky concept and not meant to be taken seriously, right? Cool.

Easily Lay Me Down. Dean/FC, Sam/OMC. NC-17. 995 words. Written for the spn_gleeweek fic guessing comp.

fic that defies all categorization

The Love Bug. Impean, Wincest [implied], Damniotic [implied]. NC-17. 905 words. Cowritten with notthequiettype, phaballa, wendy and nasus221 for Fic Idol at winchestercon. Some people love their car, but Dean Winchester LOVES his car. Now with 100% more buttsex.


Coins on the Ground. PG. 391 words. Written for spnflashfic: souvenirs.

Swim with the Fishes. PG. 1,186 words. Written for spnflashfic: Supernatural 101.

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