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Soooo. All of you who keep talking about your love of Tim Riggins? I didn't see it at all for the first six episodes of Friday Night Lights, and then OH HI, SUDDENLY I DID. Also, I want to squeeze little awkward Matt Saracen forever.

About halfway through S1, my thoughts: UGH LYLA GARRITY. UGH UGH WHY. I seriously only like Lyla when she is talking to Tami or Buddy. Those are the only times I can stand her face onscreen. The rest of the time I am sitting there going, you are a terrible person! And very annoying! Get away!

I did appreciate the extreme obviousness of the shot in whichever episode it was when Lyla and Riggins busted Street out of the rehab center and took him on the road trip and they were all sitting around the fire with Lyla in the middle -- like, why yes, of COURSE she is between them and their love. Occasionally I think about what it would have been like if Street hadn't gotten paralyzed, what Riggins and Street's life on their little ranch would have looked like -- which I realize is unlikely to have happened at all, because if he hadn't gotten paralyzed he totally would have married Miss Perfect Lyla Garrity, etc.

Before I go any further, I should say that I REALLY don't care if you spoil me for this show. My roommate was telling me something about Street asking Lyla to marry him, which, WHAT? Geez, Street, don't you know you're supposed to live in angst with Riggins forever?

Also, this song I am listening to right now ("Sewn" by The Feeling) is SO PERFECT for Riggins and Street. Damn.

FNL thoughts that do not pertain to Riggins and Street: I'd been reading about this on my flist sporadically for ages, but Coach/Tami? OH. MY GOD. Best grown-up het pairing in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. I'm also really liking Matt Saracen being awkward with Julie Taylor. I ship Tyra with everyone in the world, including but not limited to: Billy Riggins, Connor Hayes, and me. Not Tim Riggins so much, though, because of that little Riggins/Street thing. Adrianne Palicki is friggin' hot. Such news to everyone who's ever watched SPN, I'm sure. :D

Smash Williams's doping plotline is so ughhhhh. I get that he's under a lot of pressure and struggling and all that, but dude, I am ready for that plotline to be done. I hear it only lasts a couple more eps, tops, but it could have been over yesterday and that still would have been too late.

Anyway! FNL people, tell me your thoughts! And feel free to tell me spoilery things; I really don't mind!


Oh! I've been meaning to post about this for a zillion years: Because she is awesome, walkawayslowly made me a website! Where all of my fic is archived! Well, okay, not ALL, but everything I am willing to own up to. Which is most of it. Check it out!

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