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everything locked like a two-three zone

I stayed up waaaay too late last night reading fic in fandoms I'm not even in, so I was still awake at three a.m. when luvplatinumbaby posted podfic of Lingering in the Golden Gleam, aka the Family Man J2 I wrote nearly a year ago. (And swore there would be a sequel to nearly a year ago. Ha ha! Don't rush my ~creative process, okay.)

I didn't have any particularly strong feelings about podfic, but I figured, hey man, somebody wants to make a podfic, have at it! Good times!

And then I opened the file and my reaction was basically OH MY GOODNESS SOMEONE RECORDED MY STORY WITH ACTUAL VOICES, THIS IS THE COOLEST SHIT EVER. EVER! Again, it was three a.m., I was too tired to listen to the whole thing, but I repeat: COOLEST EVER.

luvplatinumbaby's post (with both streaming audio and download links) is here. Check it out!


Also, in my effort to avoid going in to work (yes, it's a Saturday, gross that I have to work, but at least it's only for a couple hours and it's going to make Monday suck infinitely less) I finally got around to uploading a bunch of music I've been telling walkawayslowly I was going to upload for her ages ago. Plus some other stuff. This is a really friggin' random mix, consider yourselves warned.

reason enough:
because why the fuck shouldn't all these songs be on the same playlist.

if God will send his angels // u2
I have a kind of ridiculous attachment to a few bizarre CDs from back in the day, and the City of Angels CD is one of them. This is the first track on there, and I freaking love it.

everything to everyone // everclear
Pandora seemed determined to give me every song that I loved in 1997 the other day, and this has been stuck in my head ever since.

remain // josé gonzález
One of the songs on here that I've been telling walkawayslowly I was going to upload for her, because it hardcore reminds me of her Big Bang, What Remains. Which I've already pimped at least twice. PIMP STRIKES AGAIN.

we didn't start the fie // billy joel
There is no song I associate more strongly with my childhood than this song. My parents never really played music in my house regularly, but Storm Front was an album my mom had on cassette tape and played in our kitchen all the time while she was cooking. I used to dance around to this song like a fool when I was five. It was awesome.

my worst day // speechwriters llc
One day I will stop pimping SWLLC at you all. Today is not that day. I interpret this song in a reeeeally gay way, btw. I still wear your shoes / I try not to phone you / I drift through your town with my eyes to the ground / And it's like I don't know you. Gaaaay.

semi-charmed life // third eye blind
Also Pandora's fault. Thanks, friend.

dramatica mujer // jason mraz
Just like "So Unusual" (farther down in this post) except part of the lyrics are in Spanish. I love both of these songs a whole lot.

shawshank // thomas newman
I'm not sure which track from the Shawshank Redemption soundtrack this is, hence the lack of proper title, but gyah, this song. My dad is a huge movie soundtrack nerd -- seriously, when I'm at home we play this game where he makes me listen to songs and name the composer and also the scene in the movie; huuuuge nerd! -- so I've listened to a lot of movie soundtrack music. And this is one of my absolute favorites.

promentory // trevor jones
Another of my very favorite movie soundtrack songs. Last of the Mohicans!

small dark movie // speechwriters llc
More SWLLC, because I can.

super bowl sundae // ozomatli
Because Ozomatli rocks.

smoke // tristan prettyman
I've had a couple of Tristan Prettyman albums downloaded for ages, but I finally just got around to listening to them recently. It's good stuff.

cool blue reason // cake
I've been obsessed with this song lately. I listened to it while I was riding the Chinatown Bus home a couple weekends ago; it's great stuff to drive to. I miss driving ALL THE TIME.

italian leather sofa // cake
I really start to love this song about four minutes in or so. It's great.

jolene // cake
More Cake! I was deeply in love with this song in May 2006, and I still like it a whole lot.

so unusual // jason mraz
And here is the all-English version of the song from whence "Dramatica Mujer" came.

.zip, 77MB

If you want any of the individual songs uploaded, let me know!
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