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Oh my God, I am so sick. I stayed home from work today for the first time ever (which might be more impressive if I'd been there for more than four months, but still!) and I have left my bed for a grand total of like . . . two hours. Since nine p.m. yesterday.

Life is not all bad, though!

Work is really slow this week, so yesterday I watched five episodes of Entourage while working on a bunch of low-priority stuff from November (i.e. the month where I was not on LJ at all, because this one time I worked a 120-hour week, and the rest of the month was not a whole ton better). Five episodes of Entourage puts me, ahaha, smack dab in the middle of season two. I will catch up one day, I swear. As I was telling walkawayslowly, Entourage is pretty much the perfect show to watch when you're only half paying attention to it, because it's delightful and entertaining, but not anything that I'll ever need to get deeply invested in. I can appreciate that in a show!

I'm also trucking away on Due South. We'll interpret 'trucking' to mean 'just watched 3x05'. I started with season three, because this is what fourfreedoms told me to do, and since she was the one with the DVDs, who was I to argue? OH, CALLUM KEITH RENNIE. Sometimes he is so freaking weird looking, and then in the next shot he'll turn and I'll be like, "Oh, OH, you're REALLY HOT." I actually find that way more appealing than people who are hot all the time. Aside from Callum Keith Rennie (and Paul Gross, whose hotness is far more apparent) the humor in dS is riiiight up my alley, which makes the whole thing completely awesome.

Also thanks to fourfreedoms, I have now seen RocknRolla. Ahaha, okay. A couple months ago I visited Lauren and we saw the trailer for RocknRolla before Appaloosa, and Lauren and her friend were like, "This looks AWESOME." I said, "Eh, I don't really have any interest." Lauren looked at me like I was a crazy person, and then proceeded to go see the movie and tell me all about how it was the best shit ever, very gay, etc. I probably still wouldn't have gone and seen it, because I am lazy, but then she was visiting me this weekend and we were wandering around the East Village and randomly, much like an act of God, there was a theater showing it. So we went to Veselka for brunch and then saw RocknRolla. And yes. Lauren is right. Every single person in that movie is gay with every single other person. Also, it was pretty hysterically funny. And apparently there are sequels planned, in which, presumably, all of these people will fuck each other on screen.

My roommates and I went to see Milk on Saturday at a movie theater in Times Square. In spite of living in New York since August, I hadn't been to Times Square in two years. This didn't really need to have been remedied, although I do find it entertaining that even the subway signs are done in flashing neon. Anyway! Milk was good and moving, if not a movie I feel the need to ever see again; the overwhelming impression I left the movie theater with was, "Dear LORD, James Franco, do me and/or hotter men than Sean Penn RIGHT NOW PLEASE."

In news unrelated to media, last night I made myself a huge pot of chicken noodle soup. If I were doing this again, I would definitely not cook it for the twenty minutes it says to cook it -- that made the chicken get a little tough and the vegetables get a little softer than I would have liked. It worked out pretty well for a first try, regardless! It tasted pretty much just like I'd been expecting it would. What I really want to make are hearty seafood soups: oyster stew, clam chowder, lobster bisque. Anyone have any really awesome recipes for something along those lines?

I also ordered myself a winter coat a couple of days ago. Finally! I have a short peacoat from about three years ago, which worked just fine for me up to now (even in Germany, as 2006-2007 was apparently one of the warmest winters ever), but it was definitely time for a longer coat. I'm excited.
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