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2008 in review, and The Twilight Effect

In 2008 I:

- graduated from college
- got a full-time job
- decided I actually like my job
- spent the entire month of November at my job, frequently to the exclusion of sleeping
- drove cross-country for the second time
- wrote far less than in 2007
- had far more ideas for stories, and better ones
- lost some very close friends
- made some better friends
- met up with some fandom friends (multiple times!)
- moved to New York
- worked in three states and lived in a fourth
- yelled from the roof of my apartment building on Election Day
- yelled from the streets of Lower Manhattan on Election Night
- kissed someone in an elevator
- bought the first decent bed I have ever owned
- fell a little out of love with SPN
- fell a lot in love with Entourage
- rediscovered board games
- discovered that I have an inner '50s hostess
- frequently decided that walking a mile and a half cross-town in the cold was a better choice than riding the train one more stop. Note to self: wrong.

2008, you were weird. Mostly good weird, but definitely weird. Overall I'm happier than I was this time last year, though, so 2008 can count for a win.

Oh! Haha! In 2008, also, I watched Twilight.

Unpopular fandom opinion time! I think Twilight kicks The Christmas Cottage's ass to hell and back. Both of these movies are pretty freaking atrocious! But Twilight is absolutely the sort of atrocious that is so bad it is also AWESOME, and it sinks its teeth into you and holds on for dear life and you LOVE IT. (YES YES. I KNOW ABOUT THE PUN.)

There are some pieces of fanfic that I have very similar relationships to. I shall call this multifandom recs list:

Those stories you should really stop reading because the rational part of your mind is screaming for mercy and yet you cannot stop, ever, even if there were a pack of rabid dogs at your heels. Or beautiful, sparkly vampires.

*Please note that there WILL be spoilers for all of these stories in this post.

So! This recs list is all about the kind of story that you REALLY don't mean to get sucked into, because either it sounds like a good idea at the time, and then turns into a REALLY HORRIBLE BAD BAD idea and you don't know why you started and yet you cannot stop; OR you KNOW from the start that it is a horrible idea, because everyone you know has told you that it is a horrible idea, including you yourself, and yet for some godforsaken reason you click on it anyway, and then you have read three lines and SOMEHOW CANNOT QUIT.

First up:

The Sick 'Verse by writeatmidnight
CW RPS, J2 | NC-17 | approximately nine gazillion words
Who would have guessed that watching someone heave their lunch into a wastebasket could make you realize that, hey, maybe you have a thing for them.

Of these recs, this is the one you guys are most likely to be familiar with, I'm betting. Oh, Sick 'Verse. I read this story RELIGIOUSLY. It sucked me in like a Hoover. And I knew perfectly well, around the eight thousandth time Jared meditated on Jensen's eyelashes, how long and gorgeous and thick they were, that there was a little part of me dying on the inside. It got to be a bigger part of me when Jensen was getting creepily abused by the dude on set, and when Jensen turned out to have been a child abuse victim, and when he was abused by his uncle, and when his uncle was still trying to manipulate him, and then there was the time when, before the final chapter, we left Our Heroes, Who Were Still Not Boning, on the side of the road in the middle of a snowstorm after Crazy Uncle tried to run them over and then went flying, himself, off the side of the mountain.

I knew it was horrible! And yet it wasn't until that very last chapter (which I read with walkawayslowly, and which we mocked the whole way through) that I did not eat EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT up with a spoon. Because it is so bad! YET SO AMAZING.

We shall call this The Twilight Effect.

The Twilight Effect is enhanced in Story #2:

Things That Change by eutychides (hydaspes)
HP, Harry/Draco | NC-17 | also like nine bazillion words | uhhhh mpreg
After Hogwarts, everything changes.

Okay! Story! I used to read a LOT of Harry/Draco back in the day, but mpreg? Never my thing. (Ignore memphis86, she tells filthy lies.) And yet I clicked on this story. And I read the first chapter. And the second. And the twenty-sixth. ALL OF IT. Draco takes a potion to give him a mangina (in addition to his dick, it seems?) and tricks Harry into sleeping with him and gets pregnant with Harry's kid and then somehow this leads to them LIVING TOGETHER. And having FOUR CHILDREN. And HEAPS OF ANGST.

It's pretty horrible! I could not have stopped to save my soul.

It only gets worse from there.

Cambiare Potentes: Invocare by jordangrant
HP, Harry/Snape | NC-17 | I believe this was originally 53 chapters? Terrifying. | a couple dozen warnings, but the pertinent one is SLAVE FIC AUGH
Great power demands great sacrifice. But how will Harry manage to sacrifice all himself, in irrevocable slavery, to Severus Snape?

The first thing you should know is that I DID NOT READ HARRY/SNAPE EVER EVER EVER. EXCEPT THIS ONE TIME. I cannot for the life of me say why THIS time it seemed like anything other than a terrible idea! Clearly it WAS a terrible idea. Even worse? The fact that I was reading this as a college sophomore. DURING PARENTS WEEKEND.

At the time, I tried to explain to my roommate (who also used to be in HP) how it was even possible that I was reading this thing. "It's just -- it starts out with Harry being really unhappy about it!" I cried. "And then really slowly he starts to like it! Like twenty chapters in! And by then it's too laaaate, I can't close the window!"

She was skeptical. As, I'm sure, are you all, along with the baby Jesus.

Regardless, the point of this is, Twilight! Really bad, but deeefinitely the kind of really bad that comes right back around to sort of totally amazing. I hear the books are extra awful, and Stephenie Meyer makes the universe cry, but I'm going to go read them now anyway. YUP.
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