i can feel the weather in my bones (causeways) wrote,
i can feel the weather in my bones

24, Gossip Girl, and weirdass Entourage dreams

This morning I woke up in a very good mood, at the end of a dream in which I had a big damned thing for E (from Entourage), who turned down a hotass girl and proclaimed his love for me instead, and then told me to go buy him something. I don't remember what; maybe food. I may have been his personal assistant in this dream?? The girl who was competing for E's affection also had a hand-painted sign. This did her no good; E LOVED ME MORE.

There are a number of bizarre things going on here.

1) E and Vince are OBVIOUSLY banging. Did my subconscious miss this memo?

2) It could be moderately Freudian. I do, in fact, want to sleep with one of my superiors, but he's not someone who I work for directly all the time. Not, like, constant interaction on a boss-PA level. (The extent of my interaction with the guy I want to sleep with, thus far, has been smiling in the hallway, and him coming to my office once and asking me to translate a German voice mail message for him. The message said, "Our office closed one hour ago." MMM SEXY.)

3) Most importantly, I know most of you guys have an awesome sense for preservation of the species -- i.e. your subconscious says MUST SLEEP WITH BIG STRONG JARED PADALECKI. (I'm looking at you, britomart_is!) Mine apparently says, "How about sleeping with a guy who Ari Gold once called the McNugget? Hot, am I right??" If left in my hands, the species is clearly doomed.


I'm working a lot again, and watching a bunch of TV while I do menial tasks. This means that in the past two days I have caught up on all four episodes of the start of season seven of 24. I AM DELIGHTED BY ITS RETURN TO TV, YOU GUYS. Delighted! I am making walkawayslowly cry on a semi-regular basis by a) talking about 24 at all; and b) talking about the enormous 50,000-word gen epic I am writing.

Note: b) is a lie. If I were writing a 50,000-word 24 epic, OBVIOUSLY it would be about Jack Bauer banging every single person in sight, but especially Tony Almeida.

I am also continuing to love Gossip Girl, particularly its semi-incestuous thing. THIS THRILLS ME TO NO END. I find Dan and Serena to be pretty darned boring together, so I am immensely pleased that they now have incest angst. Too hillbilly for you, Serena? INDEED.

Oh! Also! I am finally sending out my not-actually-holiday cards! Like, some of them are on their way to you AT THIS VERY INSTANT, if they have not arrived already! I am only sort of the biggest procrastinator alive, so if you didn't ask for a card before and still want one, there is plenty of time for you to ask for one now! It'll get to you by, like, the summer. You think I exaggerate. I do not. But it will get there!
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