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the way you bag cans got me bothered and hot

I have had two goals for this week.

Goal #1: Finish watching Merlin.
Goal #2: Finish writing the JC Chasez/Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick/Chace Crawford fic that's been rolling around in my head since September.

I have completed one and a half of these goals! The one: I watched the last episode of Merlin earlier and, well. I enjoyed myself. I'm not the most in love with the show itself, but I think Colin Morgan is SUPER CUTE, and I am DEFINITELY all over the fic. And the writing of the fic. I have big plans for the writing of the fic!

(But not until walkawayslowly and I finish our J2 college AU for Big Bang! Which continues to move right along nicely. Jared knows he's gay now! PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE.)

The half: I thought the above-mentioned fic was one fic. It was not. For the three of you who care about how JC and Chace got it on and all the blogs knew it, Some Surreal Country (NC-17, 3,125 words). Yay! And for the other three of you who care about how Chace and Ed actually for serious live together in TriBeCa in a den of love, that fic will be here ALL TOO SOON.

The other thing that has eaten my brain, in addition to Merlin and totally random fic-writing? THE EXTREME ATTRACTIVENESS THAT IS JORMA TACCONE.

This past Saturday's SNL was one of the best I've seen recently, like, pretty much EVERY skit was dead-on hilarious. I spent all day at work on Monday quoting lines from "I'm On a Boat" in emails with my brother. Anyway, this led to me watching "Jizz in My Pants" repeatedly as well, and MAN, Merrin thinks I am super lame for this, but I don't even care -- JORMA TACCONE. IN THAT VIDEO. A++ WOULD DO IMMEDIATELY.

I know I am not the only one! rawkin_ur_sox agrees! The shirtless dancing is kinda bizarre, but it's not getting in the way of my love.

ETA: Hahaha, also. I have sort of combined AU modern-day Merlin and Jorma Taccone's "Jizz in My Pants" character in my head, like, Merlin's wearing pretty much that EXACT outfit and living in London (I need a few things from the grocery / doing things alone now mostly) and Arthur is very attractive, etc., and basically what I am talking about is how you should all go read Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock if you have not already. It is amazing! And the rest of it will go up this weekend! I am BEYOND THRILLED.
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