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original fiction: Beyond My Imagination (for Shousetsu Bang*Bang)

Exciting times: my bb_shousetsu story is live!

In case you're unfamiliar with Shousetsu Bang*Bang, a short introduction from the comm's user info:

Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a webzine for original gay fiction/boy's love oneshot stories, intended as an online, English-language text equivalent of one of those All Yomikiri Bimonthly Summer Special 100 Extra Pages!! manga phonebooks where every story is about the torrid romance of an ordinary schoolboy and his soccer club captain - or a yakuza boss and his faithful lieutenant - or the prince of an exotic desert country and the emerald-eyed winged youth he rescues from the sawtoothed sand monsters of G'or, self-contained in 30 pages and heartwarmingly predictable. Our policy is to welcome all comers, from the most flippant bit of cliché to the greatest of literary works... as long as they have fellas in love in them.

So here's my first contribution to this fine literary institution:

Title: Beyond My Imagination
Author: causeways
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: original m/m
Word Count: ~20,000
Disclaimer: None!
Summary: Set in the late 1840s, nineteen-year-old Ben Hadley moves to St. Louis to work as an attorney, where he meets and becomes roommates with a young medical assistant named Charlie Atwood.

Illustrated by quaedam, who is all kinds of talented, and excellently betaed by walkawayslowly.

Read the story here.

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Damn skippy it is excellently betaed. I'd even go so far as to say MASTERFULLY so. Also, I see there is no mention of how long I've listened to you natter about this story. Don't worry, I'll rectify that in my rec post. :)
Excellent remedying! Thanks again. :)
Oh, this looks interesting! Bookmarking your story to read later.
Excellent! Hope you enjoy it!