June 1st, 2007

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hold your glass up, hold it in

Is anyone else's Internet being omgslow right now? It is KILLING ME. Come on, honey, you can load these web pages, I swear. *pats laptop*

So I'm back from England. Had a lovely time for my last couple of days in Oxford, and then went to London and met up with aishia, balefully and lazy_daze for pub food and loud squealing. aishia had to leave after that -- how'd your exam go, by the way? -- and balefully and lazy_daze took me back to their flat and joosetta came over and we watched approximately five hundred SPN videos and a movie called Cowboys and Angels (which involved ADORABLE IRISH BOYS. Not only are they so gay for each other, but also THERE WAS A MAKEOVER SCENE. Amazing.) and joosetta read awesome porny Wincest aloud and then we watched House and also To Wong Foo, which is, I am pretty much convinced, the pinacle of movie awesomeness. DRAG QUEENS getting stuck in a tiny small town and, like. MAKING OVER THE TOWN. The only thing that could make it better, as we discussed at length, is if it were a J² AU.

If I just overused all caps and the word "awesome" a little, it's because basically the day was COMPLETELY AWESOME. ♥

I'm going to go make a brief attempt to be social. My friend Suz has both cake and the Firefly DVDs, which I have never seen, but last night I discovered sevenfists' Dean/Mal and I am suddenly REAL DOWN with the idea of Firefly in a way I never was before. But! When I get back I will be posting 19,700 words of Evil!Sam (holy fuck, self), so be excited. :D
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