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tell it straight, i'm trying to build a wall
stock: but when merrin is bad
After a moderately unsuccessful night out in search of dancing, my roommates and I are watching our TiVoed copy of Catch Me If You Can. Apparently TNT was having a Leo fest earlier, because we'd also TiVoed Titanic and watched the end of that during dinner. That shit STILL makes me a little teary-eyed. LAMEBURGER, RIGHT HERE. I'll never let go, Jack!

One of my oldest friends and I once watched Titanic up to and including the car sex scene and then turned it off. It was awesome. In that part of our brains that is still eleven years old and in love with Jack Dawson, this made the movie perfect. Rose and Jack got maaaarried and everyone was happy, the end!

Speaking of movies from that time period, L.A. Confidential is fucking awesome. My copy has gone missing, and I am deeply saddened.

walkawayslowly has posted about this, but I have yet to: she and I are co-writing for spn_j2_bigbang! J2 college AU, yeah buddy! I freaking love college AUs, so I'm pretty psyched that Merrin and I are writing one. I'm especially in love with this particular story, largely because I think we are hysterical. Constant entertainment around this joint.

24, Gossip Girl, and weirdass Entourage dreams
spn: get in it your ass already
This morning I woke up in a very good mood, at the end of a dream in which I had a big damned thing for E (from Entourage), who turned down a hotass girl and proclaimed his love for me instead, and then told me to go buy him something. I don't remember what; maybe food. I may have been his personal assistant in this dream?? The girl who was competing for E's affection also had a hand-painted sign. This did her no good; E LOVED ME MORE.

There are a number of bizarre things going on here.

1) E and Vince are OBVIOUSLY banging. Did my subconscious miss this memo?

2) It could be moderately Freudian. I do, in fact, want to sleep with one of my superiors, but he's not someone who I work for directly all the time. Not, like, constant interaction on a boss-PA level. (The extent of my interaction with the guy I want to sleep with, thus far, has been smiling in the hallway, and him coming to my office once and asking me to translate a German voice mail message for him. The message said, "Our office closed one hour ago." MMM SEXY.)

3) Most importantly, I know most of you guys have an awesome sense for preservation of the species -- i.e. your subconscious says MUST SLEEP WITH BIG STRONG JARED PADALECKI. (I'm looking at you, britomart_is!) Mine apparently says, "How about sleeping with a guy who Ari Gold once called the McNugget? Hot, am I right??" If left in my hands, the species is clearly doomed.


I'm working a lot again, and watching a bunch of TV while I do menial tasks. This means that in the past two days I have caught up on all four episodes of the start of season seven of 24. I AM DELIGHTED BY ITS RETURN TO TV, YOU GUYS. Delighted! I am making walkawayslowly cry on a semi-regular basis by a) talking about 24 at all; and b) talking about the enormous 50,000-word gen epic I am writing.

Note: b) is a lie. If I were writing a 50,000-word 24 epic, OBVIOUSLY it would be about Jack Bauer banging every single person in sight, but especially Tony Almeida.

I am also continuing to love Gossip Girl, particularly its do we cut for GG spoilers around here??Collapse )

Oh! Also! I am finally sending out my not-actually-holiday cards! Like, some of them are on their way to you AT THIS VERY INSTANT, if they have not arrived already! I am only sort of the biggest procrastinator alive, so if you didn't ask for a card before and still want one, there is plenty of time for you to ask for one now! It'll get to you by, like, the summer. You think I exaggerate. I do not. But it will get there!

ART for The First Annual Padalecki-Ackles Christmastime Extravaganza
j2: small but queer
I posted about this before, but now it is finished so I can post again:

The First Annual Padalecki-Ackles Christmastime Extravaganza is complete!

The First Annual Padalecki-Ackles Christmastime Extravaganza by walkawayslowly
Jared/Jensen | NC-17 | 10,151 words
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

It's twelve days of Christmas fic -- which might seem out of season except actually TODAY, January 6th, is the last day of Christmas! because it's when the three Wise Men showed up! (aka the Wise Guys, as my mom always called them) -- and it's really, really cute, and involves pining. And pranking. And awesomeness.

Also, I did art! The actual pictures are at the bottom of each section of the fic, which is where you should REALLY go to look for them, but beneath the cut is a mosaic-y set of thumbnails. Each thumbnail links to the part where you can find the art, but you should really just read the fic in order. Because it is awesome.

art for The First Annual Padalecki-Ackles Christmastime ExtravaganzaCollapse )

2008 in review, and The Twilight Effect
stock: but when merrin is bad
In 2008 I:

- graduated from college
- got a full-time job
- decided I actually like my job
- spent the entire month of November at my job, frequently to the exclusion of sleeping
- drove cross-country for the second time
- wrote far less than in 2007
- had far more ideas for stories, and better ones
- lost some very close friends
- made some better friends
- met up with some fandom friends (multiple times!)
- moved to New York
- worked in three states and lived in a fourth
- yelled from the roof of my apartment building on Election Day
- yelled from the streets of Lower Manhattan on Election Night
- kissed someone in an elevator
- bought the first decent bed I have ever owned
- fell a little out of love with SPN
- fell a lot in love with Entourage
- rediscovered board games
- discovered that I have an inner '50s hostess
- frequently decided that walking a mile and a half cross-town in the cold was a better choice than riding the train one more stop. Note to self: wrong.

2008, you were weird. Mostly good weird, but definitely weird. Overall I'm happier than I was this time last year, though, so 2008 can count for a win.

Oh! Haha! In 2008, also, I watched Twilight.

Unpopular fandom opinion time! I think Twilight kicks The Christmas Cottage's ass to hell and back. Both of these movies are pretty freaking atrocious! But Twilight is absolutely the sort of atrocious that is so bad it is also AWESOME, and it sinks its teeth into you and holds on for dear life and you LOVE IT. (YES YES. I KNOW ABOUT THE PUN.)

There are some pieces of fanfic that I have very similar relationships to. I shall call this multifandom recs list:

Those stories you should really stop reading because the rational part of your mind is screaming for mercy and yet you cannot stop, ever, even if there were a pack of rabid dogs at your heels. Or beautiful, sparkly vampires.Collapse )

Regardless, the point of this is, Twilight! Really bad, but deeefinitely the kind of really bad that comes right back around to sort of totally amazing. I hear the books are extra awful, and Stephenie Meyer makes the universe cry, but I'm going to go read them now anyway. YUP.

food coma and fic rec
stock: red means go!
So it's official: flights from my hometown back to NYC? They don't exist.

Flying TO Virginia has worked out just fine for me on multiple occasions, but coming back, not so much. At Thanksgiving I had to take an overnight bus back, and on Sunday night my flight got canceled because the seal on one of the windows was messed up -- which, hey, this is a good reason to cancel a flight! I am in favor of not dying. Regardless, I have pretty much given up on expecting flights that say they will take me to New York to actually follow through on that claim.

It was okay, though: my roommate's family was driving up for New Year's anyway, so I caught a ride with them. I owe my roommate's family at least half of my soul at this point, especially because they just took me to dinner at L'Ecole, the restaurant of the French Culinary Institute. Amaaazing food. It's cooked by students, yes, but these students know more about food than I probably will in my entire LIFE, and for $42 for a five-course meal in New York City, yeah! Life is pretty great.

I'd say this was the third most hardcore food coma I have ever gone into in my life. The runner-up is when I ate at Fat Canary in Williamsburg as a college freshman (also amazing!), but the first place prize absolutely goes to the first time I ever had Indian food (not until I was a college sophomore! my life was so empty before this!) and I ate two enormous plates at an all-you-can-eat buffet and then lumbered back to my dorm and passed out for three hours.

This post may or may not have had a point to it.

Oh! It totally did! And it has nothing to do with food!

A few weeks back, walkawayslowly and I were tossing around fic ideas, as one does, and she said, "Hey, so I have this idea for a J2 fic. J2 twelve days of Christmas!"

And we talked about it, and it was totally adorable, and oh, guess what, it is happening!
The First Annual Padalecki-Ackles Christmastime Extravaganza by walkawayslowly
J2 | NC-17 (eventually) | thirteen parts of varying length (each part links to the next one)

Ever since Christmas, and continuing through January 6th, Merrin's been posting one a day -- so if you don't read works-in-progress, you don't have long to wait until they're all up. But you should definitely check it out once it's done, regardless, because it's adorable.

ALSO because I drew shit for it! Where by shit I mean "lovely perfect pieces of art genius." Obviously!

but in the midwest they love to take it slow
stock: rain in spain
I'm heading home for Christmas tomorrow evening! Woohoo Christmas Eve travel. I didn't take any extra time off for Christmas or New Year's, so I only get the days off that my company gives me -- which is to say, Christmas Day, Dec. 26th, New Year's Day, and Jan. 2nd. This is okay, though, because I can carry over the remainder of my vacation days (three!) and save them up for the summer and the BEACH. Or possibly the summer and SWITZERLAND. There is a slight chance I will get to go to Switzerland with work this summer, and if so it will be the most delightful thing in the entire world.

I really, really love traveling. I also am very into packing light. I remember winter breaks early in college when I would drag home two enormous suitcases and a lacrosse stick, and now I am like . . . but WHY? Granted, I used to have a month at home instead of four days, but the principle still stands. I pretty firmly stand by the idea that if I'm doing anything short of MOVING somewhere, carry-on luggage is plenty.

I'm a little bit in love with chowburger's fashion blog, Vulgar Moon, and this post is a perfect example of why: How to Have a Stylish Holiday with Less than 10kg of Luggage!

From rather extensive experience I can say that the best way to travel is with a backpack that's light enough that you're happy getting lost in a city for two hours while wearing it. (Seeing as that is what I do, accidentally or not, upon arriving in every place ever.) I have gone lighter than that, even: memphis86 and fourfreedoms can vouch for the fact that this summer I traveled with enough clothing for five days in an oversized purse.

In spite of all this, I have huge lust after a classy little rolly carry-on suitcase. Smallish, probably dark-colored, very business traveler. I have visions of my classy business travels. As I've told walkawayslowly, I sincerely hope I do get to go to Switzerland this summer, so that I can justify the purchase of said suitcase.

I am very taken with this whole idea of being a fancy business traveler. I also very much want to work in Europe at some point. There's a possibility that I could work in Germany in a year and some change -- I'll know more about just how possible this is after performance reviews in January -- and if that can happen, I'd be all over that shit!

I really had no idea what I wanted to do with my life when I finished college, and so I briefly considered working for the Foreign Service. There was an article about the Foreign Service in the NY Times earlier, and how they're now hiring and stuff. I pretty well dismissed the Foreign Service at the end of senior year of college, because I just didn't think it was for me, but the article today had a quiz about that very topic: Is the Foreign Service right for you?

What the heck, I figured, and clicked on the quiz. And the first part is all, these are the awesome reasons you should work for the Foreign Service!!! And I was like, eh. Not that appealing. I was so right not to apply.

Then follows the second part of the quiz, which reads: However, the fantastic features of Foreign Service careers also have downsides that can be unpleasant and stressful to some people. It is very important for your career satisfaction that the upsides outweigh the potential downsides.

So I looked through all of that, which is like, are you willing to live abroad forever? learn foreign languages? work a ton of hours in high-stress situations? And I was like, FUCK YEAH. That all sounds either AWESOME or JUST LIKE MY CURRENT JOB, WHICH I LIKE. I could be all over that shit!

I crack myself up.

Oh! Other big news of the day! I am finally caught up on Entourage!! MAN, I love that show.Collapse )

I also saw Slumdog Millionaire last night, which is a BEAUTIFUL movie. The colors and filming are fantastic, and the music was awesome, too. It's a fairy tale of a movie, but with some definite Brothers Grimm elements mixed in with the Disney. I'd say it's definitely worth checking out.

movies, soup, etc.
stock: easiest city to love
Oh my God, I am so sick. I stayed home from work today for the first time ever (which might be more impressive if I'd been there for more than four months, but still!) and I have left my bed for a grand total of like . . . two hours. Since nine p.m. yesterday.

Life is not all bad, though!

Work is really slow this week, so yesterday I watched five episodes of Entourage while working on a bunch of low-priority stuff from November (i.e. the month where I was not on LJ at all, because this one time I worked a 120-hour week, and the rest of the month was not a whole ton better). Five episodes of Entourage puts me, ahaha, smack dab in the middle of season two. I will catch up one day, I swear. As I was telling walkawayslowly, Entourage is pretty much the perfect show to watch when you're only half paying attention to it, because it's delightful and entertaining, but not anything that I'll ever need to get deeply invested in. I can appreciate that in a show!

I'm also trucking away on Due South. We'll interpret 'trucking' to mean 'just watched 3x05'. I started with season three, because this is what fourfreedoms told me to do, and since she was the one with the DVDs, who was I to argue? OH, CALLUM KEITH RENNIE. Sometimes he is so freaking weird looking, and then in the next shot he'll turn and I'll be like, "Oh, OH, you're REALLY HOT." I actually find that way more appealing than people who are hot all the time. Aside from Callum Keith Rennie (and Paul Gross, whose hotness is far more apparent) the humor in dS is riiiight up my alley, which makes the whole thing completely awesome.

Also thanks to fourfreedoms, I have now seen RocknRolla. Ahaha, okay. A couple months ago I visited Lauren and we saw the trailer for RocknRolla before Appaloosa, and Lauren and her friend were like, "This looks AWESOME." I said, "Eh, I don't really have any interest." Lauren looked at me like I was a crazy person, and then proceeded to go see the movie and tell me all about how it was the best shit ever, very gay, etc. I probably still wouldn't have gone and seen it, because I am lazy, but then she was visiting me this weekend and we were wandering around the East Village and randomly, much like an act of God, there was a theater showing it. So we went to Veselka for brunch and then saw RocknRolla. And yes. Lauren is right. Every single person in that movie is gay with every single other person. Also, it was pretty hysterically funny. And apparently there are sequels planned, in which, presumably, all of these people will fuck each other on screen.

My roommates and I went to see Milk on Saturday at a movie theater in Times Square. In spite of living in New York since August, I hadn't been to Times Square in two years. This didn't really need to have been remedied, although I do find it entertaining that even the subway signs are done in flashing neon. Anyway! Milk was good and moving, if not a movie I feel the need to ever see again; the overwhelming impression I left the movie theater with was, "Dear LORD, James Franco, do me and/or hotter men than Sean Penn RIGHT NOW PLEASE."

In news unrelated to media, last night I made myself a huge pot of chicken noodle soup. If I were doing this again, I would definitely not cook it for the twenty minutes it says to cook it -- that made the chicken get a little tough and the vegetables get a little softer than I would have liked. It worked out pretty well for a first try, regardless! It tasted pretty much just like I'd been expecting it would. What I really want to make are hearty seafood soups: oyster stew, clam chowder, lobster bisque. Anyone have any really awesome recipes for something along those lines?

I also ordered myself a winter coat a couple of days ago. Finally! I have a short peacoat from about three years ago, which worked just fine for me up to now (even in Germany, as 2006-2007 was apparently one of the warmest winters ever), but it was definitely time for a longer coat. I'm excited.

early in the morning when the sun is on the east side
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I was going to go to the Halloween parade in the East Village with one of the girls I work with, except then she canceled on me to go turkey hunting. TURKEY HUNTING. SERIOUSLY. She called me at six and was like, "Sooo my boyfriend and one of his friends are dragging me upstate to go hunt turkeys, I am not amused."

This definitely wins for most creative instance of plans being canceled ever!

It was actually good that she canceled on me, though, because I was stuck at work until nine-thirty anyway. And I would have hated to have canceled on her, since my excuse wouldn't have been nearly as awesome. I would have been like, "Sooo I can't go out yet because I am printing out shit."

This is my life, you guys. SUPER EXCITING.

I went out with a bunch of people from work the other night, including the one guy from my department who I think is cute. There's some UST there! It's good times! He's also balding at age twenty-seven! My department got us all drunk at a twice-yearly reception -- I think this is to keep the natives from becoming restless. It worked pretty well, really. I was all, "I am frequently here for MANY HOURS more than I would like to be!" and they said, "Here, have an alcohol!" and suddenly I was happy! They're freaking tricky.

Anyway! I have big plans for this weekend. All of my roommates are out of town, so I'm going to run up and down the hall naked at all hours. And also I'm going to go wander around the West Village, because I haven't been there (sober) since March 2006. It is time.

Also, I signed up for mini_wrimo! For . . . 100 words a day. Literally. That is all I can guarantee I have time for. I can write 100 words in about three minutes flat, and that is seriously ALL I HAVE TIME FOR during the week. walkawayslowly signed up for the same, and we were talking about it the other night, like, we can write 3,000 words in a DAY when we really get going. We can write MORE than that in a day, easily!

Damn this day job shit, you guys.

The other day at work Pandora got the song "Disintegration" by Jimmy Eat World stuck in my head hardcore. So I went on YouTube to see if I could find a video of it that I could listen to on repeat until it got out of my head.

There were a bunch of live versions of it, which, ehh. I tend to really latch onto a particular version of a song, and the version I'd latched onto was the album version, so I kept clicking on random ones until I found one that was the right version. And then I listened to it on repeat forever, and it was great.

EXCEPT it turned out, hilariously, that it was a One Tree Hill songvid. I had the screen minimized, okay, I was just listening to the music, I didn't wait to see what the video itself was going to look like once I knew the song was right, so I did not KNOW what I had on repeat until I paused it in the middle once and BAM, Chad Michael Murray's face.

See for yourselves, if you are wondering. Apparently "Disintegration" was actually featured on OTH, I guess? I have no idea. It's a good song, but whatever, there was accidental Chad in my life. It was kinda terrifying.

everything locked like a two-three zone
stock: rain in spain
I stayed up waaaay too late last night reading fic in fandoms I'm not even in, so I was still awake at three a.m. when luvplatinumbaby posted podfic of Lingering in the Golden Gleam, aka the Family Man J2 I wrote nearly a year ago. (And swore there would be a sequel to nearly a year ago. Ha ha! Don't rush my ~creative process, okay.)

I didn't have any particularly strong feelings about podfic, but I figured, hey man, somebody wants to make a podfic, have at it! Good times!

And then I opened the file and my reaction was basically OH MY GOODNESS SOMEONE RECORDED MY STORY WITH ACTUAL VOICES, THIS IS THE COOLEST SHIT EVER. EVER! Again, it was three a.m., I was too tired to listen to the whole thing, but I repeat: COOLEST EVER.

luvplatinumbaby's post (with both streaming audio and download links) is here. Check it out!


Also, in my effort to avoid going in to work (yes, it's a Saturday, gross that I have to work, but at least it's only for a couple hours and it's going to make Monday suck infinitely less) I finally got around to uploading a bunch of music I've been telling walkawayslowly I was going to upload for her ages ago. Plus some other stuff. This is a really friggin' random mix, consider yourselves warned.

Track listing behind the cut.Collapse )

i can't be your friend unless i pretend
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Soooo. All of you who keep talking about your love of Tim Riggins? I didn't see it at all for the first six episodes of Friday Night Lights, and then OH HI, SUDDENLY I DID. Also, I want to squeeze little awkward Matt Saracen forever.

About halfway through S1, my thoughts: spoilers specifically through FNL 1x10, although there may be some for later in the season tooCollapse )

Oh! I've been meaning to post about this for a zillion years: Because she is awesome, walkawayslowly made me a website! Where all of my fic is archived! Well, okay, not ALL, but everything I am willing to own up to. Which is most of it. Check it out!

causeways @ happier endings