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more birthdays! and, apparently, the Entourage Manifesto.
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Wow, LJ tells me that today is basically everyone's birthday. Happy birthday to jamesinboots and deirdre_c and most especially to my favorite person on LJ, walkawayslowly, who is currently off leading teenagers through Romania and therefore isn't around to read anything I write about my ridiculous amount of schmoopy love for her.


I'd sort of stalked Merrin a little last summer after she wrote Demons Made Me Spill My Guts Like a Girl, which I possibly never should have admitted to, since I've gotten all kinds of crap about it since. (The number of times I've heard, "Ahaha, LOSER. You used to stalk me!" . . .) And I had NO idea how hard I was going to luck out when I friended her after chatting a little in the comments of Costarfucking. The answer: SO HARD. We crack ourselves up more than anyone else on the PLANET, and we're exponentially funnier and more awesome together than when we are apart, and also she's a phenomenal writer (*cough* What Remains *cough) and ALSO I love her to itty bitty pieces, and shortly there will be fic involving Merrin and someone whose name starts with David and ends with Cook.

Oh yes.

On a totally unrelated note, ahaha, I just discovered Entourage fic. Much like that time a couple years ago when I spent about a week reading nothing but The O.C. fic (Seth/Ryan! Seth/Summer and Ryan/Marissa on the way to Seth/Ryan! Seth/Anna and Ryan/Anna on the way to Seth/Ryan! Various other permutations thereof!), I have been gorging on every little bit of Eric/Vince I can get my hands on. Unlike with The O.C., where I'd at least watched the show sporadically, I have seen exactly none of the Entourage canon. But but but. Vince/Eric OTP! I feel like that needs about eight more exclamation points, and I am restraining myself.

I sort of want to type out this whole big meta thing of, like, how Entourage is hitting a bunch of the same buttons for me that non-AU J2 used to, except that it isn't marred by any of the wank or by the breakup and also it's 100% fictional (in spite of being loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's own entourage, blah blah whatever). Also it's got a GREAT cast of supporting characters (Drama! Turtle!) AND it has Ari Gold. ♥ ARI ♥!

It's like taking everything I love about J2 and putting them in the best (very minor) AU ever. Childhood best friends falling in love and being really, really gay for each other! In Hollywood! With big movies!

Tragically, unless there is a secret huge Entourage fandom hiding from me somewhere, there are like three good writers in the whole place, and I've already read pretty much everything they've written. The amount that I've loved everything fourteencandles has written is rather ridiculous, but this is by far my favorite:
Boys Will Always Break Your Heart by fourteencandles
Eric/Vince | PG | 14,500 words | outsider POV (!)
The boys are back in town, with their mothers watching out.

walkawayslowly is the person who really sold me on outsider POV as an awesome, awesome thing (read What Remains for why!), and this fic totally nails that. It's narrated by Eric's mom, which I would not have thought I'd like at all, and yet, omg. Eric, Vince, and the guys come back from California, aaaaaaaand Eric and Vince come out to their mothers. IT'S AMAZING, OKAY. I've basically been reading Entourage fic as original fic, since, again, I've never seen the canon, but really, this fic is phenomenal. Outsider POV and coming out fic in the same place.
Uh, I can hear you all hitting that defriend button already, so let me just add: there is no way in this world I have the time or the energy to actively get into a new fandom at this point, so I'm sure that, like my short-lived The O.C. phase, this too shall fizzle out. Unless there really is a secret huge fandom of which I am not aware, in which case, no promises, yo.

Big Bang rec: What Remains by walkawayslowly
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Okay, dudes. So I haven't read a whole lot of Big Bang fics outside of the ones that I've betaed. The fic I'm reccing here IS one of the ones that I've betaed, and you're welcome to think I'm biased all you want, since if you've been on my LJ at all you probably know that I think walkawayslowly is the awesomest girl around -- but nonetheless, I'm reccing Merrin's BB, because this fic is SO FRIGGIN' GOOD.

What Remains by walkawayslowly
Dean/Sam, Bobby, OMC/OFC (bear with me, people) | NC-17 | 39,500 words | post-S3 amnesia fic
This is the one where Dean loses his memory and himself, and Sam has to find both.

I should start by saying that I am INSANELY picky about Wincest these days, and that while there's a lot of lovely post-S3 fic out there that deals with Dean being in Hell, that's not anything I hugely want to read right now -- happily, this story is 100% post-Hell, and contains nothing but allusions to it! It's also amnesia fic with two fantastic POV characters (one who is Sam and one who is not) and, oh, really awesome first-time Wincest.

Also, I understand that a lot of people are wary of O.C.s, but seriously? PLEASE do not let the mention of original characters here turn you away from this story. It's pretty fucking amazing to get to watch the development of the Wincest both from inside the relationship and outside it.

Oh yeah, and Sam likes to be all angsty, but there's plenty of schmoop to balance that right out.

Seriously, GO. Read it. It's AWESOME.

(no subject)
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What she said. Anyone?

what the icon says.
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I'm really smart, yo. I uploaded five Cake albums for regala_electra this morning, and then I never posted the links.

Here! Have awesome music! All .zip files, all on MegaUpload.

Comfort Eagle

Fashion Nugget

Motorcade of Generosity

Pressure Chief

Prolonging the Magic

I can do tracklistings too if anyone wants them!

Anyway, I'm in San Diego, and it's lovely if a little bit cool and overcast. Today I learned that trying to play ultimate frisbee on the beach while hung-over is a poor choice. Surprising, isn't it? Also, that walkawayslowly kid, I really like her or something. I talked to her for an extraordinarily long time while drunk last night, which I figure is just repayment for that one time she drunk-dialed me and talked to me in Whale. ("Helloooooooooo, I aaaaaaaaaam druuuuuuuunk.")

Oh yeah, and spn_j2_bigbang summaries got revealed! theoret and I are behind this guy:
Title: Hey, It Could Happen

Summary: This is the story of how unicorns saved Sam and Dean. It's a little embarrassing. Dean would like to make very clear that he has absolutely not befriended the unicorns. Also, he totally doesn't have a thing for his brother.


i'm serious as cancer when i say rhythm is a dancer
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Dude, today's the one year anniversary of when I first posted SPN fic! How crazy! The Placement of Water and Lead was the fic (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 10,969 words) -- post-Heart Evil!Sam yay!

Ahaha, I just tallied it up: I've written over two hundred thousand words of SPN and CW RPS in the past year. 206,660 words, to be exact. MADNESS. But really fun madness. :D

Also? I, uh, seem to be doing spn_j2_bigbang after all. Heh. There's this fic theoret and I wrote a billion years ago and then never posted because it was in bad need of a rewrite, soooo yeah. That's happening! First time Wincest with a hearty dose of craaaack.

aljslkjdfa, this is ALL walkawayslowly's FAULT. And maybe a little bit ignited's. VILE ENABLERS.

ETA: fourfreedoms thinks I don't love her, BUT I DO.

SPN art rec!
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OMFG. Okay so, reallycorking has been one of my favorite fanartists for approximately a gazillion years. She's been drawing pretty much exclusively (if not exclusively!) for HP for quite a while, but dudes, it's so damned awesome. And literally two nights ago I randomly spent a couple hours making walkawayslowly look at a bunch of RC's art (Merrin was all, "I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE MAKING ME LOOK AT HP HET. And yet I cannot STOP.") like this, and this, and this, and OMFG THIS.


Drunk!Sam and Dean


they are even in love as sheep
mcsheep: i stomp on them like ants
Here, have yet another candidate for the Pile of AUs That We Are Too Lazy to Write Ourselves, But That Would Be Really Awesome!

For vague context: walkawayslowly and I have been calling Rodney/John 'McSheep' for approximately 9287374 years (give or take), due to the fact that we kept accidentally typo-ing in that extra 'e'. For specific context: we were talking about Heightmeyer, whom we hate rather more than would really seem necessary:

walkawayslowly: i want to hit her with a stick.
causeways: we should beat her with sheep!
walkawayslowly: yes! and potatoes.
causeways: i bet sheep!rodney would bite her on the bottom, and then be like, "ewwww now i have that taste in my mouth, WHERE IS JOHN."
walkawayslowly: sheep!john would kick her shins. nawww, sheep!
causeways: they are even in love as sheep, it's true.
walkawayslowly: AHAHAHA, okay, FOR LIKE A SECOND. i pictured RONON as a sheep.
causeways: AHHH!
walkawayslowly: and he was dirty and, like, BEDRAGGLED. and his poor little wool was all GNARLED and DREADED. because he has been on the run! from another flock! wolves killed his family!
causeways: . . . OMG.
walkawayslowly: he's just looking for some peace!
causeways: SHEEP!AU.
walkawayslowly: AHAHAHAA. and, like, teyla is from another herd nearby, over a couple of hills, but she likes rodney and john's herd a little better, so she visits a lot. and zelenka was a runt, so he's kind of small and they never shear his neck/head area right, so he's got a bit of wild growth.

This could be TOTALLY GENIUS, am I right?

Ahaha, I just realized: this was really the next logical step after 1ightning's sheep hustling AU (No Puns Please -- John/Rodney, 4,300 words, NC-17), wasn't it? Rodney doesn't steal sheep anymore! He IS a sheep! ANYWAY.

I sort of hate how very good walkawayslowly and I are at coming up with GENIUS IDEAS FOR STORIES. Same with me and memphis86, that ho. Our overwhelming laziness/lack of time is SO TRAGIC.


announcement: IF IT AIN'T CRACKED DON'T FIC IT challenge!
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So last night memphis86 and I were chatting about Jared's ass, and as usual it turned into complete and utter crack. And then we had a brilliant idea: What about a crackficathon?


We know everybody's really busy with Big Bang (ahaha, unless you are me and haven't started, oops), but just think! COMMENT CRACK FIC. walkawayslowly and I got this started earlier with a discussion of how Sam keeps Dean's brain in a jar and builds a robot for it like in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and in a little bit here I'm going to go write the fic where Sam and Dean are bacteria in a petri dish and they're forced to mate. GOOD TIMES.

. . . I would really, really like to blame the current level of insanity around here on senior year, but no, I'm pretty sure I was always this crazy. \o/

it's poll wednesday!
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I ALWAYS seem to post polls when I'm at my internship. So! I was talking about this with walkawayslowly recently, and I'm curious about your writing habits. I am VERY FIRMLY in one of these categories, and Merrin is VERY FIRMLY in the other. You can only pick one, but feel free to elaborate in the comments, if you want.

Poll #1164807 because i wonder about these things

I generally write:

stories I'd want to read.
the stories that come to me, even if they aren't the stories I'd usually read.

So sometimes I have overlap, but personally? I tooootally write the stories that come to me. In general, as a reader, I figure that I'll be willing to read whatever the story is if it's done well enough -- so as a writer I just write the stories I want to write, and hope I do them well enough that people will be interested in reading them! This is how I've come to end up with things as varied as 30K of J2 schmoop and 2K of Santa Claus Wincest crack. What about you guys?

don't go around breakin' young girls' hearts
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I was totally going to wait to update until I was done with my big fat Sweet Charity J2, because I thought I was going to be done with it this weekend, but uhhh, then RL decided to really start sucking. Boo RL friends, boo thesis. No one wants to hear me whine about my thesis, for serious. I spammed walkawayslowly with one line of it anyway. "It's going to be eighty pages long! In German!" I said, and Merrin was like, "Omg, that is crazy." Which . . . yes. Trying to write Big Bang and my thesis in the same month is soooort of a poor choice.

Anyway, I watched a bunch of the con vids earlier, and wow, I love the Ackles. He is such a nerd! That bodyswap segment! Genius. memphis86 and I were trying to figure out just how it was that he came to record the studio version of "Crazy Love" with Jason Manns earlier, though. I know we're not the only ones whose reaction to that song is one of CRIPPLING EMBARRASSMENT, much like when the professor in your creative writing class makes you talk about when you first learned about sex. (Not that that happened to me earlier or anything, and it definitely didn't include one of the freshmen reading a short piece about his first time in which he talked about his 'member'. DEFINITELY NOT.) I bet Jensen's just as embarrassed by this whole thing, thinking of just how many people are listening to him sing. OH, THE ACKLES.

Yeah, so, we were trying to decide how this whole thing went down.

memphis86: ... HE LOST A BET
memphis86: TO JARED
memphis86: OR JASON
memphis86: OR... GOD
causeways: he lost a bet to GOD.
memphis86: AHAHAHA
causeways: God was like SUCK IT UP, J-DOG

That is how it happened, trufax.